Workhorse is the lovechild of twin sisters Amber & Nicole Sutton. Their passion is foraging for classic, vintage, time-worn objects - they form the backbone of their line.  They take old and forgotten curios and re-imagine them for today using 14k gold, sterling, diamonds and turquoise stones.  Handmade with love in their Los Angeles studio, the twins create ‘modern heirlooms’, each with its own story to tell…all intended to act as the "workhorses" in your jewelry box.



Call it the "thrill of the hunt" or as we like to say "the antiques high", we live for the electrifying moment when we find the perfect piece or discover a long forgotten concept that perished with changing styles.  From hat pins to chatelaines, much of what we find has lost its original purpose and has been relegated to a dusty drawer.  We feel an innate responsibility to breathe new life into these buried treasures so they can shine again as modern heirlooms.


Once we've gathered our booty we unearth essential details about origin, age, purpose and any other significant tidbits of importance.  Our design process is a continuous journey as we are constantly inspired with each new acquisition and we love playing around with different techniques and concepts.  We pow-wow buzzing ideas back and forth - these brainstorming sessions are filled with laughter, moments of genius and ultimately some very fruitful ideas.     


We are proud to say that we are not simply designers but metalsmiths as well.  We take part in the evolution of each piece from conception to the physical process of soldering and finishing.  The satisfaction that comes along with getting your hands dirty at the polishing wheel or feeling a twinge of soreness after you've spent long hours hunched over the jewelry bench is irreplaceable.  We make what we love and love what we make. 


Each piece of Workhorse jewelry is hand-made 'avec amour' and carries with it romantic erstwhile tales for you to build upon as you create your own unique story filled with love, intrigue, misadventure, triumph, and celebration.  As Kahlil Gibrain once said, "work is love made visible" and we hope that our passion for exquisite detail and craftsmanship is made visible through our jewelry and packaging.  


Amber, our resident history buff & designer-extraordinaire, oversees the details of making each and every piece.  She loves traveling with her pro-golfer fiance and when she's on the road you'll most likely find her researching the next collection or rummaging through antique stores.  Since the birth of her sweet baby boy, Wilder, Amber stays busy (during his nap times) dreaming up new designs. She creates the prototypes for each collection and is assisted by an amazing artisan, named Melissa, who makes each workhorse piece by hand.   


Currently working as our steadfast office manager and resident graphic designer, she is responsible for all business affairs down to the minutiae of the day.  In her free time, Nicole loves exploring Los Angeles with her husband and son Shepard, running marathons & imbibing craft beer.  She loves to hunt down deals at flea markets, finish crossword puzzles and dine al fresco.