Souvenir du Printemps Travel Candle


Years in our mind and a few months in the making and we finally have our first Workhorse candle.  This first scent called "Souvenir du Printemps", is an ode to just that - Spring.  Inspired by our long-time love of floriography and flowers, our candle is a balanced blend of Mollie Musk and Santal. 

Mollie Musk:
top notes: lemon leaf, jasmine
middle notes: cyclamen flower, tonka
bottom notes: rose, vanilla, musk

top notes: spicy cardamom
middle notes: amber, sandalwood, orchid
bottom notes: mango blossom, strawberries, vanilla


5 oz. Travel Tin
100% Natural Coconut Wax
Poured by hand with love in LA