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From hat pins to watch fobs, to medallions and chatelaines - we feel an innate responsibility to breathe new life into these buried treasures so they can shine again as modern heirlooms.  We hope you love following along on our journey because we truly love what we do.

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Le Langage de Porte Bonheur ('the language of good luck charms') varies slightly but usually includes an elephant (happiness), a heart (love), a four-leaf clover (luck), a magnet (money), a die (chance), the number 13 (longevity), a pig (prosperity), a fish (peace), an anchor (hope), a horseshoe (luck, protection), and a pansy (remembrance).

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Absolutely stunning.
— Heather V.
Customer reviews
I squeal with glee each time I look at my ring - thank you for making my heart beam with such delight & awe! xoxo
— Carrie Jo
Customer reviews
I received the ring and it exceeded my expectations. It was worth the wait, this ring is fabulous. Gracias!
— Ieatla S.
Customer reviews
Well y’all hit another home run, she loves the bee ring!
— Tim