Our Story

Being romantics at heart, we love that a piece of jewelry can carry such personal meaning. The right ring on your finger can conjure feelings of inner strength, beauty, confidence, happy memories and visions of loved ones. Those are feelings that we wish to bring into people’s lives everyday, and we keep that intention front and center with our designs. Workhorse jewelry is designed to be worn as stand alone staples or layered to make a statement. They are the tried and true pieces in your wardrobe that will continue to be loved year after year. 

Tried & True

We are Amber & Nicole: identical twins, desert dwellers, soulmates and creators of Workhorse jewelry. We are antique hunter-gatherers who relish in discovering a forgotten bauble from the past...and even more, one that comes with a meaningful story. We re-imagine them and create new pieces, capturing their beauty and their story to be passed along to future generations. 

All of our pieces are handmade in Los Angeles with a mix of quality
materials chosen for their beauty and longevity: 14k gold, sterling silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones.